Judging Assignments

Update 31/5/2012 : Due to unforeseen circumstances Lone Lund will be replacing Jorgen Billing
Update 18/5/2012 : Jorgen Billing will be replacing Lucy Arends Wagner in Ring One Group Two Entires

Ring One Ring Two Ring Three
Group One
Kittens Lone Lund (FIFe) Annette Dunn (NZCF) Marisa Thistlewaite (QFA)
Entire Lucy Arends Wagner (SACC) Cheryle St Clair Newman (NZCF) Isobel Johnstone (FCCQ)
Desexed Helen Farmer (CAT) Cheryle St Clair Newman (NZCF) Isobel Johnstone (FCCQ)
Group Two
Kittens Lucy Arends Wagner (SACC) Deb Nugent (TFA NSW) Ray Clark (QFA)
Entire Lone Lund (FIFe) Gaye Teague (NZCF) Ray Clark (QFA)
Desexed Lone Lund (FIFe) Deb Nugent (TFA NSW) Ray Clark (QFA)
Group Three
Kittens Amanda Bright (TICA) Gaye Teague (NZCF) Fiona Hawkins (GCCFSA)
Entire Heather Roberts (TICA) Marg Harris (NZCF) Greg Little (CAT)
Desexed Heather Roberts (TICA) Marg Harris (NZCF) Greg Little (CAT)
Companions Helen Farmer (CAT) Annette Dunn (NZCF) Ray Clark (QFA)

NOTE - The Show Committee reserves the right to alter assignments, without notice, should the need arise, while endeavouring to provide one overseas judge for each section in each group. ACF By-Laws limits the number of exhibits to be handled by any judge to approximately 90.



Judges Profiles

Lucy Arends-Wagner

I have been judging since 1998, starting out as a Siamese and Oriental judge. My Home panel is Kwa- Zulu Natal Judges Panel, proudly affiliated to The Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC). I have been privileged to judge all over South Africa, Zimbabwe as well as Australia and New Zealand. I am an all breeds judge and currently I am the head tutor for my panel.

Cats are my passion and have been so my whole life. I bred my first Siamese litter in 1973, but decided to wait until my 3 children were older. I became actively involved in the cat fancy in 1987 when I started showing and breeding Siamese seriously. I have been successfully breeding under the Taigha prefix and will continue to do so as long as I am can. I have had many best in show winners as well as 2 Cat of the Year winners, a Neuter of the Year winner and 4 Kitten of the Year winners, also numerous finalists. Currently I have added the Siamese and Orientals 'with White' to my breeding program. I adore colours and I'm having a wonderful time breeding these flashy cats!

I look forward to visiting Australia and New Zealand again, meeting fellow cat lovers and judging your beautiful cats.

Jorgen Billing

I'm an International FIFe all breed judge. I took my first exam 1986 (Persian & Exotics) and my last part 2011 (Shorthair). I started to breed Persians 1978 but now I dedicated my breeding life to the shorthair variety of the Persian - Exotic.

My cattery name in FIFe is: Star Wars that I have together with my wife - Annika Billing. We have bred several FIFe World Winners, European Champions & European Premiers. We have also bred FIFe Junior Winners and Distinguished Show merit cats and FIFe Scandinavian Winners. I also have/had Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coon and Siamese cats. Next breed the hopefully will be part of my life is a Devon Rex. I judge approximately 35 weekends per year (in Europe). I'm looking forward to the experience to judge here in Australia.

Amanda Bright

Amanda Bright has bred cats for over 40 years. Her CFA/CCA cattery name is Kyina which was founded as part of a family hobby. Later she and her husband registered a unique cattery name, Talisker, with TICA. Amanda started her judging career in CFA but later moved to TICA where she has been judging for over 10 years--altogether she had been judging for close to 20 years.

Amanda has had many breeds over the years. She started breeding Himalayans back in 1970 and so is familiar with the challenge of breeding newer breeds that still have a long way to get to the desired level of type. She acquired Persians to help with this progress and fell in love with Persians as well. She continued to breed Persians as well as Himalayans Burmese joined the family hobby when a friend needed an adoptive mother and 2 Burmese babies came to nurse on one of the Himalayan females. Amanda also bred Abyssinians as part of the family hobby and her first Russian Blue breeding program. Eager to learn as much as she could about all the breeds, Amanda agented other breeds including Cornish Rex and Manx. Kyina also was the home of some Siamese and Colourpoint Shorthairs. Together with Bailey, she had a Bombay and a couple of Turkish Angoras, but Russian Blues still held her heart captive and Bailey's too so today Amanda breeds Russian Blues exclusively. Their Russian Blues have received multiple awards and are in breeding programs around the world. Amanda enjoys watching how her cats contribute to breeding programs and the directions the different breeders take. An avid historian, Amanda researches the breeds and history of the cat fancy which she shares with the world via her website. She has written a number of articles for publications around the world and focuses on developing educational breed seminars as well.

Heather Roberts

Dr. Heather Roberts is an American International Allbreeds judge in TICA and serves on the TICA Genetics Committee. Although originally from Texas, she has lived in California for the last 11 years. Currently she is the Dean of Sciences and Math at a small college north of Sacramento. She is married to Jeff Roberts, also an Allbreeds judge in TICA. Their cattery was called "Chaparral" for 12 years, but they recently changed their name to "PuraVida" to reflect their love for their retirement paradise in Costa Rica.

Heather breeds Singapura and European Burmese and finds the incredible intelligence of the Singapura and the laidback personality of the European Burmese to be a nice balance in her life. Their breeding program focuses on healthy cats with loving temperaments foremost. She has also shown Bengal, Cymric, Siberian, Maine Coon, Somali, Bombay, and household pets. Heather also is the Breed Committee Chair for the Singapura breed section in TICA.

She has had the extreme pleasure of judging in Australia and New Zealand several times over recent years. She enjoys the countryside, the new friendships, and of course the fabulous quality of the cats. She has imported cats form Australia and New Zealand into the United States for use in her program, and has exported cats back to Australia in an effort to truly internationalize some gene pools. She hopes to someday import a lovely Burmilla for her and Jeff to enjoy and promote in TICA.

Annette Dunn

It has been a wonderful privilege being able to handle and assess the beautiful longhair cats. I have been trained as a New Zealand Cat Fancy Judge for over 12 years. I thoroughly enjoy and am always honoured by the opportunity to judge, and strongly believe that the cats are always the stars of the show, and making the experience as enjoyable for them is essential. A successful show can't exist without each cat, exhibitor, worker, fellow judge and members of the public and it is really important for me to have that focus when I am judging.

Together with my husband, Robin, I have been a breeder for over 20 years of Persian and Exotic cats, under the Legacy Prefix. Bicolours and tabbies have always been my passion and I have been blessed with wonderful friends who started me on this amazing journey.

Thank you for the opportunity to judge for the first time in Australia. I wish you every success for the show and look forward to meeting both the people and the beautiful exhibits on show day.

Marg Harris

My interest in the showing and breeding of cats has been an ongoing love affair since the 70's. During this time, under the Iluka prefix I have bred Siamese & Orientals plus related breeds. Burmese I bred with my daughter under Tartarus & with Ann & Pete Skilling under Chuntao. Recently I have been breeding British SH, Scottish Folds & Russians, on my own Iluka prefix and with Jo Millar under Illusion.

I am a Senior Shorthair Judge and an Intermediate Longhair Judge and hopefully will be a ALL BREEDS judge by the middle of 2012.

I wish the ACF National all the best and hope the competitors enjoy the show.

Cheryle St.Clair-Newman

My involvement with the cat fancy started for me when I attended an All Breeds cat show in the late 1960's. This was the beginning of my interest in longhair cats. In 1976 I was granted my Prefix under the name of 'Taniver'.

I am still experimenting and breeding with the smoke gene, which has, and is, the cause of many interesting discussions. My cattery has only ever been a very small, selective breeding cattery, mainly breeding pure Persian lines.

In 1986 I attained my longhair judging license, and then progressed to longhair tutor judge in 1997. My time and involvement spent training and mentoring new judges has been a great experience and challenge.

I look forward to judging your precious felines and wish the association every success with the show.

Gaye Teague

After retiring from veterinary nursing, I began breeding Burmese in 1993. My first queen, being a lilac tortie silver tabby, was my baptism of fire into the world of breeding in New Zealand!! My love and knowledge of genetics grew rapidly from that point. (I have bred Mandalay's, Tonkinese and Burmese) Because I enjoyed breeding and showing this lead to handling and stewarding at shows and combined with my love of all cats, I trained to become an NZCF Shorthair Judge. I began judging Pedigree Shorthairs in 2001, throughout New Zealand, at senior level since 2003. I am currently considering doing Longhair training to become an All Breeds Judge.

I spent some years as NZCF National Secretary and then Executive Council Secretary, and assisted with the preparation of several National Shows - Good Luck and Best wishes to the Show Team!

Ray Clark

Ray entered the cat fancy in 1984 and with his partner Trevor Cox is currently breeding and showing Burmese under the Kittykatz prefix. They have also bred and shown Persians, Abyssinians, Australian Mist and Devon Rex (under their Devon Rex prefix Katznkurls). They have bred and show many best in show and best of breed exhibits and have achieved Prefix of the Year, Cat and Kitten of the Year and Best of Breed annual awards.

Ray gained his Group 1 licence with QFA Inc. in 1991 and after several years break from judging gained his Group 2 licence with FCCQ in 2007 prior to his return to QFA in 2010. Ray has judged in Queensland, Victoria, NSW and New Zealand.

Ray has made many friends within the cat fancy and enjoys meeting more with each judging assignment.

Helen Farmer

As an All Breeds Judge and a teacher of senior secondary students, I have been privileged to be able to pursue my love of cats and education. As I have been part of the cat fancy since childhood showing at my first show at age 12, I am very keen to encourage youngsters in showing their cats. My own breeding of cats has included British, Persian and Exotic, and ownership has extended from Domestic Shorthairs to Japanese Bobtails.

I have judged in all over Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Denmark. My administrative roles have included President of the Cat Association of Tasmania, President of the ACF (Inc.) Judges' Guild as well as club and show management positions. It is always a pleasure to share the knowledge and love of cats at shows.

Fiona Hawkins

Fiona's introduction to the cat world was with a rescued Domestic kitten, which at 10 days old needed a helping hand and a lot of care. Mignon was joined a year later by a handsome white Russian boy in 1995. Odessa White Knight (Kimba) was her introduction to showing cats. Since then Fiona has been involved with many facets of showing cats. Fiona became a steward a couple of years later and then completed the GCCFSA Group 3/4 Judges course, currently working towards completing the Group 1 and 2 Judges courses. Fiona enjoys the experiences that judging provides and seeing so many beautiful cats.

Fiona started breeding Russians in 2000 under the prefix of 'Myenya' with a lovely Odessa female and has gone on to have many successful exhibits on the show bench. Fiona has been involved with the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of SA for many years.

Isobel Johnstone

Dr. Isobel Johnstone has had a lifetime career as a Veterinary Scientist at The University of Queensland (UQ). Isobel has bred Abyssinians since 1976 and, although she no longer breeds Abys, they of course still share her home. She has vetted at cat shows for 20 years.

Isobel joined the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland in 1976 and is now a life member. She has been that club's Secretary and Treasurer. Needless to say, she is also an experienced show manager. In addition to being a long-serving, senior judge, Isobel has held positions over the years as a tutor judge; been Chairperson of Judges Associations and Guilds; and has been a delegate to, and on, committees of various cat organisations. Isobel became a Group Three Judge in 1983; a Group Two Judge in 1987; and an All-breeds Judge in 1997 and has judged extensively in Queensland and interstate as well as in New Zealand.

Greg Little

My wife and I started off in the cat world in 1981 showing and breeding Siamese and Orientals after many years in the pedigree dog world, in my case from the age of 4. We obtained our first Abyssinian in 1985 and bred under the Devaraja prefix until 2005. We also own a Japanese Bobtail, who is an absolute delight and are now showing and breeding Norwegian Forest Cats in a small way.

I obtained my Group 3 judge's licence with the Feline Control Council of Victoria in 1995. In 2001 we moved to Tasmania and joined the Cat Association of Tasmania where I qualified as a Group 1 judge in 2005. In 2008 I completed my Group 2 licence to become all breeds. I have been fortunate to have judged in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, Malaysia and New Zealand. I am delighted to have been asked to again judge for the ACF National Show, particularly in its 40th year.

Deborah Nugent

It was while I was looking for a black Oriental that I was convinced by a cream Burmese that she was in fact, the cat for me. I was therefore first introduced to Cat Showing with the purchase of "Fioric Crème Biscayne" in 1993. I then ventured into breeding under the Corbetti prefix later that same year, which resulted in some successful Best in Show winners being produced, and my Burmese family grew over time. I was introduced to the Bengal breed in 1997/98, and further Best in Show successes with 2 neuters "Marube Taw" and "Marube Rajah", and commenced breeding Bengals in 1999.

After a couple of years' experience working at shows, I qualified as a Steward with the then RASCC in NSW, then in 2000 ventured into NSW CFA Group 2 Judges training. By the end of the Group 2 Judges training, I had introduced Oriental Shorthair and Siamese to the Corbetti prefix, and commenced breeding Balinese, Oriental Longhair under the SiaJavi prefix. I thoroughly enjoy Judging my first true love of the feline family, the Siamese and their beautiful relatives the Balinese, and Orientals. I am honoured to be invited to shows in order to handle and assess these exquisite felines, thank you

Marisa Thistlewaite

I started breeding Birmans in 1991 under the prefix Belshogar. Over the years I have won many Supreme Exhibit awards and Best in Shows at a number of Nationals. At a State level my Birmans have achieved Kitten and Cat of the Year Awards and I also showed my Persian neuter to QFA Desexed Cat of Year in 2007.

After 20 years I decided to retire from breeding to devote more time to running my cats only quality boarding cattery with my husband Garry in Brisbane, while sharing our lives with 2 Poodles, 12 Birmans, 1 Persian and our new addition a very special natured Burmese who we all adore.

After gaining my Companion Cat judge's licence, I went on to gain my Group 1 judge's licence in 2008 and am currently half way through my Shorthair Judge's Training with QFA Inc. which has given me an appreciation and love for so many more breeds. I have always been highly involved in the cat fancy holding numerous positions over the years and currently Vice President and Shorthair Registrar with QFA Inc. I am honoured to be a Life Member of the Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld.